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Demotivational Posters Fail

The rules and expectations of society along with all those stuffy social norms that none of us were able to have a say on certainly can add up quick and create the feeling of being trapped in a corner. However, unless your idea of a nice vacation or break from work is actually jail time, we unfortunately have to put up with many of these issues and simply grin and bear it…or flip someone the bird and bear it. But a new solution to this quandary is on the rise thanks to a wide variety of the latest generation of demotivational posters fail images that are now available.

With the help of these fail posters we all now have some of the absolute best opportunities to avoid that jail time which some of us have been towing the line of lately by living vicariously through the absolute moronic and otherwise dumbfounding deeds of some of the world’s top dumbards. From epic fails featuring people who found out the hard way that cats can’t drive cars to people who seriously underestimated their own body weight, you are sure to never tire of the unlimited potential of man’s idiocy expressed through these posters.

Instead of having to risk incarceration or even incineration every time you get the urge to do something stupid or are feeling like you’re going to burst because of the immense degree of stupidity building up all around you, you can now simply take a break and meditate over your demotivational posters fail images.


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