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Positivity and motivation are completely over rated. Sometimes what’s really needed is a good solid laugh and some classic demotivation. Demotivators embrace the comical and sarcastic side of life and help us realize that we don’t always have to be so serious and positive. On the contrary, finding the comical side of negative events and imagery can contribute to a well-rounded view of our imperfect life. And what is the point of even being motivated all the time. Sure productivity is great, and goals are very important in life. But not all the time. Demotivation is about stepping away from the daily routine, taking some time to veg out and enjoy some guiltless comedy at the expense of other people’s misfortune. This concept seems to be so commonly embraced that the popularity of demotivators is growing vastly every day. More and more posters keep popping up by the hundreds depicting some hilarious and downright demotivational images and quotes.

Though the term demotivators typically refers to demotivational posters, in general it can really apply to any imagery, posters or other objects containing some sort of negative quote or image. Calendars, mugs and hats with demotivational quotes can be found in offices and homes across the country, and probably the world. Offices and corporate entities would keep us comfortably in cubicles and providing as much stimulus as possible to promote optimal motivation and productivity. But screw all that. Negative posters are a sarcastic shake of the fist at the corporate world. Forget productivity and motivation, embrace the humor and sarcasm of hilarious demotivators.


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