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Fake Motivational Posters

These super funny and fake motivational posters provide a very amusing, gut busting twist on traditional motivational themes, and help shed some hilarious light on situations that tend to get much more serious than they should be. Ever had gym class with the one guy who acts like Captain America, as if he’s on an actual Olympic team and going for gold, putting 200 percent effort into their dodge ball tactics and breaking a sweat over badminton? If so, you’ve probably wanted to tell them to take a break from saving the world and remind them that they are not nearly as good as they think they are. Those are the times when it is truly nice to either enjoy or create a fake motivational poster ripping apart the efforts of the hopeful.

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You are absolutely sure to get a kick out of these fake motivational posters for their comedic juxtapositions illustrated through hilarious quotes and commentary on scenarios that some people tend to put a tad too much stock into. For those times where the rest of the world seems to be simply applying too much attention and importance to certain things, you will surely love having one of these posters to look at and remind yourself that life is good despite people often being much too serious for their own good. This is one of the easiest ways to inject some comedy relief into your life and maintain a more positive attitude, helping you to keep your mind right.


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