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Framed Prints

There are a nearly endless amount of posters, prints and artwork to decorate your walls with. But once you’ve found an image you like and would like to hang, there are also many framing options available to add extra quality and aesthetic to any print. A poster is just a poster, but a framed poster can be a piece of art.

Frames: Frames can be available in a wide variety of textures, tones and finishes. Frames can come in aluminum, wood, plastic or many other popular materials like bamboo, canvas or even types of stone. Depending on your taste and the decor of your home, you can most certainly find a frame to match.

Matting: Aside from the frame itself, and the glass that holds the print in place there is an additional feature called “Matting” that is also very popular. A “Mat” is an additional piece of thin cardboard or paper-based material that goes between the glass and the print. The Mat helps hold the print in place, but also creates an additional frame border within the glass and gives an aesthectic separation between the print and the actual frame.

Glass: Though it is not specifically mentioned, framed prints come complete with glass that hold the print in place and protect it. Many times of frames come with standard glass, but others can come with reinforced or plexi glass for extra protection. Keep in mind however that even though plexi glass is stronger than normal glass, it is still breakable.

Frame Options: There are many framing options for our posters and prints:

  • .25 in. Black Aluminum Frame
  • .25 in. Black Aluminum Frame with Mats
  • .375 in. Black Aluminum Frame with Plexi
  • 1.5 in. Black Satin Wood
  • 1.75 in. Satin Charcoal Wood with Mats

The most basic frames are black aluminum. This option is available with or without matting, and the thicker aluminum frame also comes with plexi glass. There are also wood frames such as black satin and satin charcoal, also available with matting.

Adding frames to your prints can turn a normal poster into a piece of art you can be proud to display. Framed prints are great for the home or office and come in a variety of materials to suit your tastes.


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