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Free Funny Motivational Posters

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While it may seem like the rest of the world is easily motivated by pictures of soaring eagles, gallant flags waving, and important looking people shaking hands…the rest of us sick bastards enjoy watching eagles soar into windows, naked chicks gallantly swaddled in flags and important looking people falling down. So, essentially then, we feed off of the sorrows of others in order to feel better about ourselves…big whoop. It is still better than feeding off of what McDonald’s calls food. There is absolutely no reason why it should be looked down upon that what motivates us is the absolute complete opposite of what motivates the rest of the world. And these hilarious, gut busting scenes and scenarios are all brilliantly, or not so brilliantly, captured on the latest free funny motivational posters that are now available.

However, you should definitely be warned before hand that once you start looking through these free funny motivational posters you may never get any work done. These posters manage to capture people at their absolute lowest points and we somehow are able to gain a great deal of joy from that, so really, who wouldn’t want to browse through these hilarious free funny motivational posters for hours and hours?

From super epic fails by people that think they are some type of Captain America out to save the day to people who think they are as sly and smooth as a ninja but are really as quiet as a dump truck driving through a nitro glycerin plant.


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