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Funny Demotivational Posters

  • Change change funny demotivational posterChange
  • Failure failure funny demotivational posterNothing has ever failed quite as hard as you just did.
  • Favoritism favoritism funny animal motivational posterIt sucks.
  • Fear fear funny demotivational posterIt’ll make you s**t your pants.
  • Friends friends funny demotivational posterWho needs them.
  • Humiliation humiliation funny demotivational posterThe harder you try, the dumber you look.
  • In Case of Fire in case of fire funny demotivational posterYou are destined to burn.
  • Irony irony funny demotivational posterSometimes it bites you in the ass.
  • Marriage marriage funny demotivational posterBetter start drinking now, it only gets worse from here.
  • Overconfidence overconfidence funny demotivational posterThis is going to end in disaster, and you have no one to blame but yourself.
  • Pick a Winner pick a winner funny military motivational posterBecause not everyone can be a leader.
  • Retards reatards funny demotivational posterWe all know one.
  • Text Messaging text messaging funny demotivational posterLOL no im nt bsy im only drvng.
  • Trying trying funny demotivational posterIt’s the first step towards failure.
  • Unique unique funny demotivational posterJust because you are unique does not mean you are useful.

Just when you think that you have seen the far limits of just stupid people can actually be, along comes a new set of funny demotivational posters that makes you realize that there really is no limit to the level of stupidity, idiocy, mental slowness, and complete and utter ineptitude that mankind is truly capable of.

While there are definitely only a few of us bold enough to proudly raise our hands and admit it, there are definitely few things in life that truly make us happier than watching other people f*#k up. Really though, these funny demotivational posters are not only highly entertaining, they also help us to breathe a big sigh of relief since we know that there is still a bigger mess up than us out there. Isn’t it nice to know that it wasn’t you taking that giant face dive while trying to impress a hot chick?

And most of all, isn’t also really nice to be able to look at all the dumb stuff that people have done and know exactly what it looks like and feels like so you do not actually have to do it yourself? The best funny demotivational posters around actually give you the chance to live vicariously through the absolutely dumbfounding mannerisms, actions and world class faux pas filled f$%k ups known to man. Let other people do all the dumb stuff while you sit back and laugh your asses off at other people. These posters provide the opportunity to entertain yourself or simply remind yourself of why there should be tighter restrictions on who should be allowed to have children.


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