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Funny Demotivators

While in the workplace, finding ways to encourage yourself day in and day out can feel not only daunting but boring as well. Getting certain tasks completed or finishing up pesky those pesky reports every week can be mind numbing. Many office managers feel like they have found the answer to these quandaries by tacking up inspirational posters on every wall in the building. For those who are completely turned off by optimism and the resulting feelings, these posters can do more harm than good.

If you have found yourself rolling your eyes every time you have seen one of these signs, then perhaps a funny demotivator poster is for you. These differ from their counterpart as the messages are often cynical with the pictures being very similar. Not only is there the opportunity to laugh at the hilarity of a painful truth, but some find a funny demotivator to catch the optimist off guard as well. We all differ in not only our senses of humor, but in the way we get fired up to get a job done. By having a demotivator around, even those with the coldest of hearts can find a way to laugh and feel inspired.

Posters about things like losing, incompetence and madness are subjects that many people find to be hilarious when shown in a sarcastic light. A funny demotivator presented this way offers the onlooker the chance to laugh about the harsh realities while recognizing ways to avoid their own personal downfall.


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