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Funny Military Motivational Posters

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While we certainly owe our military an unending amount of support, appreciation and thanks for the deep devotion and helping our country continue to support its own freedom as well as the freedom of countless others around the world, there are still plenty of silly things that the military has been found doing that simply does not make all that much sense. And thanks to the latest funny military motivational posters that are now widely available, you can quickly take a look at some of the absolute most asinine things that our military leaders have actually thought would be good things to instruct their men to do.

Not only that, but you can also look forward to the great opportunity to absolutely laugh your ass off at what some of our nation’s finest troops have been caught doing. From trying to sneak a peek at some gorgeous well wishers’ bodacious bosoms and ta tas to some guys who think they are Captain America and end up being Captain You Should Never Leave Your Barracks because they only end up putting themselves in danger.

Many of these funny military motivational posters are also sure to help you remember that certain things should never even be attempted by a professional too. You are sure to laugh your ass off at the funny military motivational posters that show some truly epic levels of mess ups and fails, such as why the military may want to start requiring a college education for people who will be responsible for several tons of metal that can level an entire building.


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