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Funny Safety Posters

While it is advised to follow safety protocols and abide by certain rules and regulations throughout our lives, these exorbitantly litigious times that we live in have led to some rather absurd precautionary measures and overprotective procedures. Funny safety posters succeed in capturing some of these absurdities with hilarious accuracy and insight.

The ludicrous side of today’s society is one where people can successfully sue major corporations for slipping and falling off toilet seats. And modern times are also marked by the ability of consumers to win major lawsuit settlements because the cause of their RV accident was cited as a failure on behalf of the manufacturer’s owner’s manual to state that autopilot did not mean you could leave the steering wheel and go to the rear to make coffee. Instead of suffering through cramped wrists writing hate mail to these types of people and explaining the infinite number of ways in which a chimp could live a safer and more responsible lifestyle, we can look to the latest funny safety posters as a means of enjoying some much needed comedic relief.

Among the top funny safety posters that you can look for are those that feature workplace safety scenarios gone wrong; the type that make you wonder how the heck these people even qualified for a job in the first place. Another favorite subject for funny safety posters are those that expound on home safety, highlighting simply dumbfounding hilarities that highlight the need for breeding restrictions among humans. Remember, be safe, but not too safe!


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