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Military Demotivational Posters

  • B.F.G. bfg funny military motivational posterWe’re not entirely sure what it does, but we are absolutely sure he shouldn’t have it.
  • Counseling counseling funny military motivational posterThe most effective means of correction.
  • Firepower firepower funny military motivational posterThe more, the merrier.
  • Lumberjack Commandos lumberjack commandos funny military motivational posterAnd you thought Ninja Pirates were tough!
  • Marco Polo marco polo funny military motivational posterYet another classic game made more exciting by the addition of firearms.
  • Pick a Winner pick a winner funny military motivational posterBecause not everyone can be a leader.
  • Squirrel Marines squirrel marines funny military motivational posterWhat has science done?!?
  • Team Killers team killers funny military motivational posterIt’s always the retard with the flame thrower. Always.
  • Zombies zombies funny military motivational posterMuch friendlier once you get to know them.

While we certainly do owe our military and armed forces an extremely great debt of gratitude for everything that they do, that does not mean that there have not been a few pretty funny things to laugh about when it comes to military operations. And the latest military demotivational posters do an absolute brilliant job of capturing some pretty epic fails of what some military leaders thought would be brilliant tactical maneuvers only to prove that a little more fore thought might have been a bit of a better idea than simply charging in to storm the castle!

These military demotivational posters are also sure to crack you up at some of the monstrous mess ups created by technical failures…or, that is at least what the operators of tanks that have somehow wound upside down would like you to believe. Whether or not there actually is a proper explanation behind some of these things, they still readily qualify as an excellent reason as to why some people are simply too dumb to be accepted into the military.

Plus, to make things even more fun for you, these military demotivational posters are available in a number of different themes, so you can easily choose from funny, sarcastic, spoof and super sexy demotovational posters with military themes. This type of super amusing variety also means that these posters make for excellent gifts for the other friends in your crew that share your extra sick mentality and view on life. It’s time to get demotivated private!


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