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Star Trek Motivational Posters

Damn it Jim, I’m a complete screw up, not a doctor! Its time to engage and go to warp speed with these hilarious Star Trek motivational posters. Instead of being resigned to plugging away at meaningless tasks in our cubicles, you can indulge your epic space fantasies with the crew of the Enterprise. The original series provided fantastic entertainment, but now we can all enjoy the sarcastic posters that point out all of the plot holes and inappropriate subtext.

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Whether you are a true Trekkie at heart or if you simply have an awesome sense of humor, these motivational posters will be like getting hit with a phaser. They feature a wide variety of Star Trek related images that include actual scenes from the amazing movies, the beloved TV series, and even unique artist’s renditions of Star Trek characters and scenes. If you grew up watching Star Trek, you’ll definitely bust a gut. But if you’ve only just begun to discover what the final frontier has to offer, you should enjoy the wildly clever commentary of these legendary characters.

While many of us may have very grand aspirations of someday traveling the galaxy in the name of finding super sexy alien babes who think any human is hot enough to take to space bed, all too many of us are simply confined to our offices. But thanks to modern technology known as the Internet, and digital images, even the most common of us earthlings now have the ability to travel the starts from the comfort of our chair. This amazing, cutting edge breakthrough has been made possible through the latest Star Trek motivational posters! Enjoy.


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