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Star Wars Demotivational Posters

Almost there, almost there, stay on target…oops, we missed it. But one thing is for sure, you definitely do not want to miss the latest collection of Star Wars demotivational posters. Even if claim to be the most loyal and dedicated Star Wars fan that ever lived in this crazy mixed up galaxy, you most likely also harbor an inner desire to browse through some funny images that poke fun at some lazy incompetent storm troopers. (Don’t feel bad though, those guys are always too busy picketing for their union rights.)

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While we would all surely like to invite the princess over and have her play with the wookie, these Star Wars demotivational posters will have to fill the void that has been left in the galaxy for now. Maybe some day in some world it will be super okay to fantasize about your sister in the open and not have to pretend that you did not realize she was your sister all along. And it might also be acceptable to have sword fights with your dad, and not press charges after he cuts your hand off. In the meantime, these hilarious Star Wars spoof and gag posters grant us the opportunity to live vicariously through those futuristic (though actually past) explorers of space.

You may not actually have your own X-Wing Fighter or your own robot that follows you around picking up your mess, but these Star Wars demotivational posters will give you one of the next best things. Indulge the dark side, and share your favorite images with your friends!


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