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Very Demotivational Posters

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There is one thing that you can usually count on in life, that there are all too many people who simply should not be breeding. And the latest very demotivational posters that you can now take a look at help to highlight some of the most prime examples of this funny phenomenon. Take just one look at any one of these demotivational posters and you will quickly agree that we should definitely have some tighter restrictions on who is allowed to add to the population…or should we say add to actually detract from the population simply because they have added another individual with half a brain and less sense then a common rodent.

You are sure to absolutely crack up once you browse through the latest very demotivational posters. These demotivational images, pictures and posters manage to capture scenes and scenarios of people doing things that show exactly what happens when a chromosome is missing or if your mom drinks while she is pregnant. From dudes thinking they are being super cool and sly when they are actually terribly embarrassing themselves without even knowing it to people committing some epic fails on a whole new level, these posters create a whole new kind of motivation.

And even if you think you have already seen all of the latest very demotivational posters you should still check back since people still continue to do lots of really dumb stuff and you know you don’t want to miss out on catching just how mentally challenged people can be!


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